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  Rail nationalisations may be coming down the track
Napisane przez: lily - 3 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Olej arganowy - Brak odpowiedzi

Rail nationalisations may be coming down the track

[Obrazek: _114418187_train.jpg]

Some UK railway franchises could be nationalised when emergency deals set up during 
the coronavirus pandemic expire on Sunday. Insiders said talks between the government and 
train firms on new deals were going "right to the wire".

The government has pumped billions of pounds into the railways to cover the fall in ticket 
revenue from low passenger numbers during the pandemic. But sources said some contracts 
could be handed back to the government.

Many private operators are expected to remain in place under similar emergency arrangements, 
but some may decide to opt out. The Department for Transport said discussions were "ongoing" 
and it wouldn't comment on commercially-sensitive negotiations.

Looming deadline
In the House of Commons on Thursday Labour's Jim McMahon said it was "absolutely staggering" 
that Transport Secretary Grant Shapps did not have an update on the situation at such a late stage.

A deadline of this Sunday has been in place since March when the current emergency contracts 
were signed.

Mr Shapps said it was right that the negotiations with nine different companies were not done 
"in public".

Poor performance
In fact, at the beginning of the year ministers were poised to announce an overhaul of Britain's 

Reliability on certain networks had been poor and some train companies were losing money.

The government took control of the operator Northern in January. South Western Railway was 
heading in a similar direction.

But when the pandemic hit, the contracts between the Department for Transport and private 
companies were suspended, not scrapped.

Future plans
Even if all of the train operators sign-up to a series of new emergency contracts by Sunday, 
a longer-term deal still needs to be worked-out.

The Department for Transport is said to favour a shift towards a "concessionary model" for 
the railways, which is already in operation on Merseyrail and the London Overground.

It means private companies run services for a fixed fee and any loss or profit falls to 
the government in charge.

This system, which shifts risk away from private firms, is said to be favoured by train companies 
operating large, complicated commuter networks.

Further details are available here. : joker123

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  Know the disease "ALS muscle weakness" causes, symptoms and treatment.
Napisane przez: Busba1122 - 3 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Uprawa - Brak odpowiedzi

[Obrazek: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQv...UuanBn.jpg]

Department of Medicine by the Institute of Neurology Revealed muscle weakness or ALS disease has no cure for cure. Suggest to exercise regularly, eat nutritious food Control stress If you have symptoms that resemble muscle weakness, seek immediate medical attention. In order to make correct diagnosis and prevent the disease from spreading

What is myositis, or ALS?
Dr. Somsak Akasil, Director-General of the Medical Department, revealed that "muscle weakness", medical name Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or "ALS for short" is a direct neurological disease. Arising from neurons that control muscle dystrophy Old and die prematurely. Symptoms: muscle weakness, limb atrophy, twitching, 70% of the muscle pulsation begins in one limb before spreading to other muscles such as swallowing muscles. Respiratory muscles Resulting in unable to speak Or not breathing itself Therefore need to use a respirator And eating food through a hose
Risk groups for muscle weakness or ALS
Muscular dystrophy can occur in all sexes and ages. In the past, 4-6 people were found per 100,000 people, and there was an opportunity to meet about 1-3 new cases per year. Those aged 40–60 years and were found more in males than females. Most of the time, people die after just three to four years, and only 10% of them live for up to 10 years.

How to treat muscle weakness or ALS?
There is currently no cure for this disease. Treatment can เล่นเกมส์ได้เงิน  only relieve the symptoms and support the patient to last as long as possible.

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  Two threats highlighted in the shadow of COVID-19
Napisane przez: miniming - 3 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Uprawa - Brak odpowiedzi

Two threats highlighted in the shadow of COVID-19

[Obrazek: 200625_FallArmyWormCSIRO_Tek%20and%20Arm...k=5aba0fSF]

With global attention on COVID-19, ACIAR is ensuring critical attention is given to serious and emerging regional threats to food security.

Despite attention on COVID-19, pre-existing biosecurity threats remain important and, in the case of African swine fever (ASF) and fall armyworm (FAW), are emerging as significant problems for farmers and food systems in the Pacific region.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), ASF is ‘an unprecedented animal health crisis’ that presents a global risk of significant impact to food security. FAW is similarly threatening. FAO estimates that in 12 African countries alone, FAW could cause losses of 8.3–20.6 million tonnes to maize annually. That’s enough to feed 40–100 million people. 

Both are now bearing down on the Paficic region, where they are feared to cause further damage. 

ACIAR is responding by ramping up and targeting its support in high-risk areas. For ASF, the focus is on increasing the surveillance and response capacity of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government. While for FAW, ACIAR is targeting fundamental research to determine how best to tackle the pest.

African swine fever

In March 2020, ASF was reported in the Highlands region of PNG. ASF is a contagious viral disease of pigs that is transmitted via contact between animals. It is also transmitted through human activities such as feeding pigs contaminated kitchen waste. It has a very high mortality rate and has been known to kill 100% of infected pigs. There is no vaccine for ASF and no effective treatments.

While ASF does not infect humans and infected pork is safe to eat, pigs are central to the life of PNG’s Highlanders—for food, economic, cultural and ceremonial purposes—so the disease has the potential to be devastating. If ASF spreads to the cities of Port Moresby and Lae, commercial piggeries located there would also be at risk.

Since 2019 an ACIAR-supported project has been developing surveillance strategies to help detect mosquito-borne viral diseases that affect both animals and people. The project is also supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as a One Health project. Now, with additional funding from ACIAR, the project team is extending its scope to provide further support to the national ASF response.

An ACIAR-DFAT One Health project has been developing surveillance strategies to help detect mosquito-borne viral diseases in PNG. Now, with additional funding, the work will encompass African swine fever.

Working from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP), project leader Dr David Williams says the team aims to increase PNG’s capacity to rapidly and accurately detect any incursions of ASF using diagnostic tests to ensure the country can mobilise its response.

‘We were already using pigs at our sentinel sites that are set up to track the presence of the mosquito-borne viruses we are monitoring,’ says Dr Williams. ‘It was a natural add-on to include ASF.’

Ten sentinel sites have been established in PNG across three provinces from which samples have been collected for mosquito-borne virus testing by staff from PNG’s National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA). NAQIA staff also travel into the Highlands to take samples from penned and free-range pigs to test them for ASF virus infections.

Build capability in the 'gold standard'

‘The challenge with working in the Highlands is that it is very remote and it can take a day or more to get there and return to Port Moresby—and even longer if you have to send samples to Australia to be tested,’ says Dr Williams. ‘It is really important that the local lab has the essential equipment and training to do the testing itself.’ This allows for a more rapid response by local NAQIA field teams to implement control measures to stop the spread of ASF.

As part of the project, upgraded machinery has been installed at the NAQIA lab in Port Moresby to test for the presence of viral antibodies and proteins to the ASF virus in animal samples. The next step is to support the NAQIA lab to build capability in the ‘gold standard’ for virus testing: genetic tests.

‘Genetic testing is nearly 100% accurate for virus detection, which is an improvement over the existing tests that may only pick up around 70% of samples with the virus,’ says Dr Williams.

To identify which ones work best, ACDP and NAQIA are also testing the accuracy of ASF point-of-care test kits used in the field to provide an early indication of the presence of ASF.

While travel to PNG from Australia is restricted due to COVID-19, Dr Williams and his team are staying in touch with NAQIA and providing remote support. Another project partner, the PNG Institute for Medical Research, is assisting with the training of NAQIA laboratory staff.

With an increasing level of diagnostic capability, NAQIA will be able to independently conduct animal disease testing, test samples faster and be more confident in the test results, ensuring any efforts to control ASF and other livestock diseases are targeted and have maximum impact.

Dr Williams adds that existing surveillance activities at the pig sentinel sites—particularly those in village communities—also provide opportunities to talk to pig owners and farmers about ASF to raise awareness about the disease and what they can do to prevent it.

Fall armyworm

FAW is an invasive moth pest that has rapidly spread across Africa and Asia since 2016. In early 2020 it was detected for the first time in Australia. As a caterpillar, FAW eats crops including maize, sorghum, cotton, ginger and sugarcane.

FAW can develop resistance to commonly used pesticides and poses a major threat to crop production and food security. As an adult, FAW moths can fly up to 160 km in a single night, allowing them to infiltrate new areas quickly and easily.

FAW was detected in the Western Province of PNG in early 2020 but has not yet been found in other Pacific island countries. ACIAR is stepping up its response to help these countries better understand their FAW situations and develop their capacities to manage the pest.

An existing ACIAR project led by the University of Queensland is already building diagnostic and surveillance capacity for pests and diseases in the Pacific region. The project team will now expand its work to develop and test specific surveillance strategies for FAW, monitor the host plants used by the pest and run workshops to raise FAW awareness in regions where it has not yet invaded.

In South-East Asian countries, where FAW is well established, the research needs are different. A newly developed ACIAR project will focus on understanding the genetics of fall armyworm led by Australia’s CSIRO and co-funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

The project will provide a greater understanding of the pest’s genetic make-up to inform which pesticides and other practices are the most effective for managing the pest. This knowledge will help to develop effective pest management plans.

Dr Sarina Macfadyen, ACIAR Associate Research Program Manager for Farming Systems Analysis, says she hopes the research will start developing the knowledge needed to guide individual country responses and facilitate co-ordinated actions.

‘FAW can travel easily between countries and across large distances and therefore needs some degree of coordination in response and perhaps management,’ says Dr Macfadyen.

‘The team will develop new knowledge in two areas: firstly, conducting a genetic characterisation of the similarities and differences in the populations found in Australia and the countries in South-East Asia.’ 

There are two strains of fall armyworm that appear identical. One preferentially feeds on rice and pasture grasses and the other feeds on maize. Looking at the genetics will help to determine the ecology of the species better.

‘The second area of research involves testing populations that may already show some level of resistance to commonly used pesticides,’ says Dr Macfadyen. 

This knowledge will feed into the development of resistance management plans by individual countries and inform pesticide recommendations to farmers.

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  Did you know that "best friends" at work affect work positively?
Napisane przez: ritcha - 3 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Domowe wykorzystanie ziół - Brak odpowiedzi

[Obrazek: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3dvLzAvdWQv...YuanBn.jpg]

Does having close friends affect work or not?
More than half, 56.16 percent of these said having close friends made them happier at work, while 23.29 percent said it improved their productivity, and 20.55 percent said it improved their productivity. He felt more creative.
With 38 percent of whom said they had no close friends at work. But of these, 11 percent think they must have at least one friend to talk to.

"Happiness at work" and "salary", which is more important?
Half of about 60.83 percent of employees consider happiness as more important than salary. In which if classified into specific specifics, it was found that Females pay 81 percent of the importance of happiness. Compared with males who saw happiness more important about 45 percent
While 85 percent of employees hold positions at manager, director and business owner. Look at the salary as more important Which are new employees, trainees And management employees who have up to 70 percent choose happiness over salary.

What are some ways to develop relationships between colleagues at work?
The answer is the highest in the top 2 is having activities with colleagues, the number 1 is going out with friends. After work once a month (29.79 percent), seeing that it can help build relationships with coworkers. Followed by playing sports together once a month (27.66 percent)
But if only employees who value happiness at work, almost half (45.21 percent) choose to hang out with friends after work once a month, followed by allocating common areas where employees can eat. Food or spending time together Beyond the desk area (27.4 percent)

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  Israel expands employer remedies program
Napisane przez: mari123 - 3 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Olej kokosowy - Brak odpowiedzi

Israel expands employer remedies program Before locking down the country for the second round today

[Obrazek: 20200915_pixabay_Israel_flag-186476_1280-1024x576.jpg]

Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance of Israel Announcing the expansion of the National Economic Safety Net Program to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Before Israel will take measures to lock down the country in the second round today.

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel And Mr. Israel Katz, Israeli Finance Minister Is the person who decided to expand the project The goal is to help businesses affected by the second round of lockdown measures, which will be implemented for 3 weeks.
The project also includes measures to reduce the damage done to the Israeli labor market. Some employers receive a staffing allowance of 5,000 new shekels (approximately $ 1,460) per employee whose employer remains hired. To encourage employers not to lay off employees And employees whose employers leave without pay Will also receive unemployment benefits

The project will bring more businesses with government support. You will receive a loan that is guaranteed by the state. And reduce the municipal tax

Xinhua news agency reported that The second round of Israeli lockdowns will begin today at 2:00 pm local time or around 6:00 pm Thailand time.
On Sept. 15, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would lock down the country again for three weeks starting Friday, Sept. 18, to block the attack. The coronavirus outbreak. This lock-down measure would prevent Israelites from traveling more than 500 meters from their homes. Also, schools and shopping centers were closed. But pharmacies and supermarkets will remain open.

In addition, people cannot gather more than 20 people outdoors, while up to 10 people indoors.

News update channel : slotxo

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  From conflict to LIFE
Napisane przez: miniming - 4 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Chlorella - Brak odpowiedzi

From conflict to LIFE

[Obrazek: second.JPG]

A call from a community leader looking to help his people on the conflict-affected island of Mindanao in the Philippines triggered an ACIAR-supported team to adapt its effective agricultural extension ‘Landcare’ model to help farmers living amid hostilities.

Mindanao is known as a ‘land of promise’, with potentially one of the richest agricultural areas in South-East Asia owing to its warm temperatures, abundant rainfall, large areas of fertile soil and innovative farmers. But this potential has been hampered by conflict arising from a range of religious, cultural and political differences.

Conflict disrupts farming activities, reduces investment in farm infrastructure, breaks down social structures within communities and makes it difficult for governments to provide much-needed extension services.

For decades, ACIAR has had a presence in supporting agricultural extension in the Philippines using a Landcare-based approach that brings farmers together in groups where they can coordinate what they want to do, particularly in managing natural resources. But it wasn’t until one of the local partners received the call from the community leader that they recognised an opportunity and began the development of LIFE (Livelihood Improvement through Facilitated Extension): the new approach to improving farmer livelihoods in the presence or threat of conflict.

Local focus, local solutions

[Obrazek: third.JPG]

Dr Mary Johnson, Research Fellow, RMIT University, leads an ACIAR-supported project that is working in the Philippines to implement LIFE in three conflict-affected or conflict-vulnerable sites across Mindanao: in Zamboanga Sibugay, Maguindanao and South Cotabato. The project works with local partners, the University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao, UP Los Baños and Landcare Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.

LIFE involves a 15-step approach that starts with the appointment of a facilitator who lives in and is part of the community—ensuring they are culturally attuned and have existing local relationships.

‘Formerly, extension processes have come from a position of “Here’s a problem; here’s a solution; this is what you do” but this is not the approach we took at all,’ says Dr Johnson. ‘We focused on working with farmer groups and communities—people as the solution, not the problem.’

Instead, the team supported the development of local farmer groups who worked with their facilitators to help them achieve what they wanted through their networks.

It’s about shoring up existing or developing new networks between farmers, farmer groups and, for example, in the Philippines, local government units or NGOs that are operating in their area,’ says Dr Johnson.

Core to this work is building on social capital within communities. Dr Johnson explains, ‘Social capital is about how the community gels together, the social links and networks, who’s talking to who, and how connections are made for social and business interactions.’

For example, in Maguindanao the farmers were mostly growing just corn or coconuts in a monocropping regime, with little knowledge of, or capacity to grow, other crops. The facilitators helped the farmers look for various opportunities and they identified vegetable production as a priority. The facilitators then linked the farmers to a local government program to access inputs such as seeds and get the advice they needed to start production. Now they are growing vegetables to eat and are growing enough to sell as well.

Jury Alimonjanid is a farmer from Ampatuan, Maguindanao, which is the site of the infamous Maguindanao Massacre of 2009 where 58 people were killed in an attack sparked by political rivalry. Unrest remains and continues to threaten the lives and wellbeing of the local people.

As a result of the project, Mr Alimojanid still grows corn and coconuts but now also grows rice, bananas, vegetables and fruits. ‘Before the LIFE project, we only had a few crops and a low income because we lacked knowledge on farming technology,’ he says.

‘When the project arrived we learned a lot, especially on the proper use and application of mulching, water impounding and organic fertiliser, which we then used on our crops.

‘The project helped us learn how to properly plant and manage these crops. This is a big help for us since we get our income for education and household needs from these.’

In some cases, farmers’ annual incomes have increased by up to 80% where LIFE has been implemented. Moreover, through part of the broad consultation and engagement steps that form part of LIFE, visits to neighbouring farms and conversations can take place that would not have otherwise occurred. This has allowed relationships between previously distant Muslim, Christian and Indigenous farmers and communities to improve.

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  Wear VS Do not wear "bras - underwear" does sleep affect the "breasts" or not?
Napisane przez: Busba1122 - 4 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Uprawa - Brak odpowiedzi

[Obrazek: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQv...5qcGc=.jpg]

If you have "breasts", do you wear bras or underwear when you sleep?
Many people choose to wear bras to sleep. For fear that if not worn may cause the breasts to be crafted Or sagging But many people choose to take off. Because sleeping is uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and fearful of breast cancer risk as well. Should we wear bras to sleep?

Wear VS Do not wear "bras - underwear" does sleep affect the "breasts" or not?
Dr. Komol Preecha Santhongkit, MD, Head of Breast Care Center Phyathai 2 Hospital stated that wearing or without bras It does not have any good or bad effect on the breasts. Whether it is breasts sagging, or increasing the risk of various diseases Related to the chest

Bra with underwire VS without bra, is there a risk of breast cancer?
The metal in the frame of the bra Is responsible for helping to support the shape of the breasts to get a beautiful shape Is not affiliated in any way Against breast cancer And choosing to wear bras with frames for fear that the breasts will sag Or sagging, in fact, is not related as well A bra with a metal frame that helps support the bust for a beautiful figure. For more beauty

However, if choosing to wear a bra to sleep Should choose a bra that is appropriate for the size of the สล็อตออนไลน์ มือถือ  breast. Comfortable to wear, not too tight. So that you can sleep comfortably You should also choose good quality bras. Standard production Because of the fabric, elastic, hooks, straps that are not standardized Or using poor quality items It can be harmful to the skin.

 And if choosing a bra with a metal frame The more you have to choose carefully that the sewing is neat and secure. And is it produced from a trusted manufacturer or not? Because the metal may stick to the skin while wearing it over a long time as well.

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  Types of slot games.
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[Obrazek: %E0%B9%80%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%A1%E0%B8%AA%E0%...8%95-1.png]

Classic Slot
Classic slots are old style slots. Like us going to play in the slot machines joker The main symbols are the fruit, the number 7, the bell, and the word "Bar". Formerly it looked like three reels, now it will be more modern, but it will still have three reels or the present. We are popularly referred to as reel (Reel), so any slot game with 3 reels will be considered a classic type.

Video Slot
Video slots are an online casino joker that is of ever increasing variety. Which will bring the characters from the famous movies to add more features And color to video slot games as well, by the manufacturers of video slots games, there are many camps, creating a novelty that we are excited together. Video slots will have 5 reels, video slots will be more complex than before, giving us more chances to win.

Mega Spin Slot
Mega spin can play Slot games can be played simultaneously from 3 to 9 games when the required number of coins and slots are set. All played Just click on the spin joker button Then all slots will spin at the same time. That means it spins 45 reels in one round. Helps to increase your chances of winning more. Makes it both fun and exciting. Most Mega Spin Slots Usually use the classic version, slot, 3 reels or 5 reels.

Progressive Slot
Progressive slots are slots with a jackpot prize. By playing these types of slots. joker It will not be just us playing alone. But will link to other people who play this game as well as us Which when people in this game the jackpot money It increases with the number of people playing. The more people play, the greater the jackpot amount. Until someone is lucky Broken jackpot Receive the prize money to win

3D Slot
It is a new type of slot game joker with an additional 3D animation in 3D. Each slot game has a scene and a storyline. Different to Making the players feel excited as well Each slot game has its own unique sounds, themes and effects. Considered a new experience For playing slots, which 3D games are another type of slot game. Very interesting and attractive

Islot is a slot that is played on mobile and tablet. It is a characteristic of the iSLOT type slot, that is, it is designed to Played joker exclusively on mobile devices, most have 15 lines, 5 reels.

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  CIMBT entered into an interest derivative agreement THOR with SCB Asset Management.
Napisane przez: limited - Wczoraj, 09:25 AM - Forum: Uprawa - Brak odpowiedzi

[Obrazek: 20200917_IQN_CIMBT.jpg]

Mr. Pouja Takanont Executive Vice President Treasury business Big business CIMB Thai Bank (CIMBT) revealed that on September 15, 2020, CIMB Thai Bank entered into a derivative agreement based on the interest rate slotxo THOR (Overnight Index Swap) with funds under the management of SCB Asset Management The transaction is the first in the market with a customer. All transactions that occurred in the previous market are interbank transactions.

“THOR is the new reference rate. Is new But moved faster than expected After the BOT announced the publication of THOR, the bank immediately prepared the system and people. We keep entering the market slotxo quotations, and after 2 months the first transaction between banks is formed. And the following week The Bank has entered into two more transactions with the other two banks, and as of September 15, 2020, the first transaction in the market has been performed with customers. It is a positive sign of the Thai financial market. Where all parties, both banking and customers, are going to be involved in developing the market together Both in terms of stakeholders and transaction volume "

Mr. Pow said.
Mrs. Nunmanat Piemtipmanat Chief Investment Officer Deputy Managing Director SCB Asset Management said that SCB already uses interest rate swap transactions to manage risks and generate incremental slotxo returns to funds under management. And the fund manager team has studied the THOR interest rate from the beginning and realized that the THOR rate will be another important tool. To help manage investment portfolios And it is an interest rate with transparency, stability, reflecting the liquidity and the real market interest rates. Therefore entered into an OIS-THOR transaction with CIMB Thai Bank, a bank that is always ready to offer new products to its customers.

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Question Coconut oil storage
Napisane przez: mari123 - Wczoraj, 07:43 AM - Forum: Olej kokosowy - Brak odpowiedzi

[Obrazek: Health_Coconut_3.jpg]

Other types of oil if put in the refrigerator Is still a liquid state But for the coconut oil that can freeze at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, the method of keeping the coconut oil not broken quickly before the expiration date or has a rancid smell, it should be packed in a sealed container. Keep at room temperature And should not be exposed to sunlight in case of putting it in the refrigerator Can be dissolved by heating it

How is coconut oil damaged?

          The way to recognize the broken coconut oil is very simple: the color changes from clear to pale yellow or cloudy, with precipitation, the factors that cause the rapid deterioration of coconut oil. It depends on the preservation after use, such as the lid is not tightly closed, there are other impurities, stored in a place with long sunlight, etc.

          However, the use of coconut oil is to maintain health. To get good results It should look as appropriate for our health. Because although there are many benefits But it is still oil. If the body receives a large amount The result may be the opposite.

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