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Bitcoin Advice
To do this justice I would need literally hundreds of pages since it encompasses the intricacies of IT security, encryption and financial engineering. In layman's terms:

1. Cold storage (not connected to the internet) is the only safe way to store BTC. Unfortunately if the BTC was intercepted in some way to the cold storage then can still be stolen (double spent).

2. Hot storage (online) is high risk, irrespective of the vendor for reasons which cover social engineering, 0-day exploits, criminality, lack of over-sight .....

3. Even if BTC was safe to store, it is so volatile as an asset price that you can literally lose 10-50% of it's value overnight. To manage the risk of asset price volatility you really need it in a hot storage but as I have said this is far to dangerous. 

4. Trading has been a headache when you are not really upto date with the market and price so you can not decide if you want to keep the shares or sell, so I would say follow up the Cryptocurrency Exchanges for the price then you will make those decision easily anyway
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