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Ideas for choosing words that will boost your sales unconsciously!
Today there are many people selling the same products on the Internet. But have you ever wondered if Why are some shops selling so well that they can't sleep? But some of them are lonely! Of course, advertising is important. But one thing that can not be overlooked is Here are 5 strong ideas! That will help attract more customers to your product!

         1. Use the Intro to make special offers to attract customers.
         "Free!" A short, simple word that is super powerful. Because whatever can be obtained for free People are always paying attention. Even though those products or services Will not have much value Because it makes them think that he has not lost anything. So there is no reason you should not use this strong word.

 Example word usage: free delivery / buy 1 free 1 / free trial / free giveaway / get free / get free ..

         2. Make words that feel limited
         Because of selling products online People can come in and view the product and decide to buy or not to buy at any time. Therefore, we have to limit the conditions for making decisions for customers. By using words that make sense if you don't decide now! now! You will lose it. Which the use of these words will stimulate human desire quite well
Example usage of words: limited number / only left / time limited! Including the word or until the product runs out

          [Obrazek: 217010_b76e_5_12c9afd5b51843d7839d3596ab...grande.jpg]

          3. Use words that point to the benefits of products that help solve problems for customers.
         Have you ever heard of this word? "Thai people love comfort", use this word to your advantage Because whatever makes people comfortable. That thing is always attractive. Use them to help you sell your products.
 Example usage of words: Enough with…. / You don't have to… anymore .. / Forget about complicated steps! / Save more time too .. / Just as simple ...

         4. Use words that refer to credit or feedback from customers.
         If your product or service is very well known and popular in the market It will make the consumer more demanding. Therefore, if you have clear numerical data that can be used as evidence to verify the reputation and popularity of your product, Will help attract customers as well
Example usage of words: Popular from…. / Guaranteed by experts from .. / Passed the test from .. / Production control by ... / Guaranteed quality by ... This includes confirmation of satisfaction levels such as “X% effective” / “4 out of 5 customer satisfaction” / “X% performance increase from X users”.

          5. Use words that increase the value of your product.
         Besides that we will sell products If we have other services It can be used to help grab the attention of customers as well. Because it will make customers feel that they are more privileged In addition, if compared with other stores It will increase the chances of making a decision for our products or services. In the end, the customer will not want to use those rights.
Example of using words: free after-sales service / receive advice and free consultation / win special prizes / get additional discounts / can collect points to redeem ...

         Here are five ideas you can apply to making advertising, campaigning and marketing easier for your business. No matter what kind of business your business is.

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