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How to choose "plants" to suit each room
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The green color of the plants can help slotxo transform and complement the room, so planting trees is the easiest way to get a clean house without spending a lot of money on new furniture or expensive home decorations. Planting trees for growing in the house, we should choose to suit each point of the house, which needs to be cleaned up to planting trees in the house is to take care of the trees because trees may not need water differently. Better that each room should choose a plant to decorate it in the room.

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Living room

It is a room with a large number of people entering and exiting. Because the living room Or the living room as a relaxation area outside that is not the bedroom It may also be a room for activities. Together with the family When choosing a tree to plant in the living room, it is advisable to choose a plant that takes into account the amount of sunlight that shines. The recommended trees are as follows

Bird of Paradise: It is a tree that loves bright light to full sun. And to water every week If the sun shines more, it may increase the watering frequently. There are also

Philodendron: needs low light. To the light that shines indirectly And should have water every week.

Bigonia: Low light to full sun.

Succulent: needs bright light. Water every month or whenever it starts to wilt.

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The kitchen

A room with humidity Although not as much as the bathroom But it is a room that has more water than other rooms of the house. And with the kitchen's limitations, the counter top might not be suitable for a tree. The hanging method would be more appropriate. Besides that, placing the herb pot on the windowsill Because it will help make it easy to take advantage

Ferns: Needs medium to low light. And indirect light Watered once a week

Herbs: need full sun Watering regularly or every 2-3 days.

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