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How to grow vegetables in pots Along with how to prepare the soil suitable for beginn
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For humans, condos or townhouses, then The area may not be very convenient for cultivation. How much to make a garden But would like to grow vegetables to eat in the house It can be done with the method of planting vegetables in pots. Because saving space, easy care, easy to move and move Also decorated in various angles In the house as well For beginners to grow Let's learn the steps
Soil preparation for planting vegetables should have a thorough soil. Because it helps The soil has good drainage and good circulation. Make the vegetables grow well To grow vegetables as plots To do this, use a shovel to dig the soil to a depth of about 8 inches. Turn the soil upside down. Dig the soil to dry for about 5 - 7 days, then water it with water. And digest the soil to be crumbly Small Add fertilizer to spread throughout the plot if the soil is not perfect. Put a lot of fertilizer Chop the soil into fertilizer If planting multiple vegetables in succession, the plot must be parallel to the west and east. When planting vegetables with different heights in a plot near each other So as not to cover each other Soil used for growing vegetables in pots or other containers. Do the same To keep the moisture evenly around the roots of plants If the water is draining too quickly, not enough moisture will be stored. Or poorly drained soil, and only one drainage container may hold too much moisture. The roots of the plant may rot.
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